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Welcome to Puffback Safaris

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Camping or Lodge safari to Serengeti N. Park

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Serengeti Great wildebeest Migration


Why Puffback Safaris

The Message from Managing Director

more about ownerMy name is Michael Riziki, i am the founder and owner of Puffbacksafaris. The company has been operating since 2016 with a successful rate of clients from all over the world coming to Tanzania for African Safaris and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We own four 4x4 land cruisers equiped with viewing roof for better views of animals, landscapes and taking pictures. My dream has always been making sure everyone from all over the world can be able to see the beauty of Tanzania and enjoy all the adventurous activities available here with affordable prices and packages. We have professional guides who can speak English, Spanish, French and Germany and all this is to ensure that our clients have memorable experiences as they travel with us. I take this opportunity to welcome everyone to Tanzania and to Puffback Safaris for memorable and adventurous Safaris.Read more about us

What Gear Do I Need to Bring?

Kilimanjaro Gears List

You are responsible for bringing personal gear and equipment while communal equipment (tents, food, cooking items, etc.) is provided. Follow the link bellow, recommended and optional items to bring on your climb ..Kilimanjaro Gear List

Safari Packing List

The Tanzania Safari is one that makes to most people’s bucket list. While you do not necessarily have to wear the camouflage patterned outfit every day on your safari vacation, it is wise that you get an idea of what exactly you need to pack for. Click here to Learn more

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